Goals for 2019 and midterm period

Lockout – tagout – tryout system

EVRAZ implements a lockout-tagout (LOTO) system, which is used to protect personnel against the unauthorised activation of equipment during repair works. The LOTO initiative is scheduled to be completed by 2020. In 2019 it is planned to integrate the LOTO system into 10 facilities in the Siberia region of Steel segment and at 12 – in the Urals region of Steel segment, which would result in a 70% level of integration.

Employee engagement

As a part of EVRAZ culture of safety programme, leadership sessions for managers have been developed, with a view to boosting managers’ engagement in developing the health and safety management system and to building their commitment. For the next period we plan to work on integrating operational level employees into health and safety management systems. In previous years EVRAZ actions focused on developing and improving training sessions for employees; in 2019, the focus will be on moving from a safety culture of adhering to rules to a safety culture of personal commitment among not only managers but also operational level employees.

Occupational health services

In 2018, we developed a programme that aims to improve health services for managers. This programme will be performed in 2019 and it includes regular medical check-ups, regular medical supervision, monitoring of following medical prescriptions and developing culture of healthy lifestyle. EVRAZ ZSMK is planned to be the first company to improve health services for managers in 2019.