Goals for 2019 and midterm period

The Group is determined to continue our work to achieve the five-year environmental targets that have been set and to keep pace with progress made during previous periods.

A number of important projects are scheduled for final or partial completion in 2019:

  • Kiln off gas system upgrade, EVRAZ Vanady Tula
  • Re-heat Furnace Low NOx installation, EVRAZ Regina
  • Mine water treatment unit construction (Sheregesh), EVRAZ ZSMK (Evrazruda)
  • Stormwater System Upgrades, EVRAZ Portland
  • Closed water cycle system upgrade, EVRAZ Vanady Tula
  • Electric precipitator efficiency restoration (ZS Power Station), EVRAZ ZSMK
  • Coke gas direction to by-product recovery plant №3, EVRAZ NTMK