EVRAZ awards in 2018

Award/Contest Project Place Title
Intercomm 2018 Steel Dynasties I place Special Look
Relay of Good Deeds I place Charity
2018 Andrey Sevenyuk corporate ski and snowboarding competition II place Lifestyle
CEB Internal Communications Awards Evraz faces Shortlist Innovation in Digital, Social & Mobile Communication
Association of Directors of Communications and Corporate Media in Russia Special edition of the We Are Together newspaper I place Corporate Media
Professional skills competition of the Novokuznetsk Union of Journalists Evraz News – Siberia I place Corporate Media
Corporate Charity leaders contest Relay of Good Deeds I place Volunteers
Corporate media award from Metal Supply and Sales magazine Evraz News I place Steel Industry Editions
Event of the Year award Business conference of partners and clients in Spitsbergen I place Exit event of the year
PROBA ICCO GLOBAL PR AWARDS 2018 Evraz faces Shortlist Digital project
Silver threads SN- 2018 corporate calendar contest Corporate Calendar 2018 II place Best idea in the corporate calendar
AKMR: Digital Communications AWARDS EVRAZ Steel Generations (joint project with lenta.ru) I place Employer & Brand
The Power of Generations (joint project with Komsomolskaya Pravda) I place The Best Content Solution