Goals for 2019 and midterm period

  • One of EVRAZ priorities in 2019 is to improve the health management system. First, the Group plans to set-up a so-called doctor maintenance facility, where doctors will treat members of senior management. The results of check-ups will be consolidated and recommendations made on future examinations and treatment. Second, EVRAZ plans to integrate all existing medical programmes into a single IT-based system, which will serve to improve employees’ healthcare.
  • In 2019 the Group plans to begin a two-year project to complete changes to the EVRAZ payment system.
  • The Group plans to expand the Top-300 programme to include production facility managers and higher positions.
  • EVRAZ plans to develop a production mentorship programme within the Group. This will begin with the implementation of new mentorship approaches at West-Siberian CHP, and then in all subdivisions of EVRAZ ZSMK, EVRAZ NTMK, and Raspadskaya Coal Company.
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