Social policy

EVRAZ develops, implements and maintains a social policy aimed at improving the level of working conditions and raising employees’ living standards. The Group pays special attention to insurance, recreation issues, and working with trade unions.

Work with trade unions

In order to ensure effective cooperation, senior management meets with trade union representatives at all Group facilities at least once a week. In 2018 there were no conflicts or collective labour disputes at the Russian сompanies of the Group. One of EVRAZ social policy objectives is entering into long-term collective agreements with trade unions. Until recently long-term contracts were not concluded, hence the Group and trade unions negotiated wages annually. However, in 2018, it was decided to sign a sectoral agreement on wage growth rates for the next three years. The new agreement covers guaranteed minimum wage growth, which is not dependent on performance results. These changes were made in EVRAZ KGOK, EVRAZ NTMK, and EVRAZ Vanady Tula. Thus the Group has ensured the social stability for employees in these regions for the immediate period. EVRAZ has plans to sign similar agreements in other companies.

In order to preserve social benefits and to protect employees, in cases of outsourcing a tripartite agreement is signed between the Group, the outsourcer, and the main trade union. Under this agreement, if a service or the result of outsourcing affects EVRAZ employees, then trade unions become full participants in the tender procedures.

Under collective agreements, unique benefits are granted to EVRAZ employees. The kindergartens at EVRAZ NTMK should be noted separately: the Group compensates for the additional education of children in kindergartens (provided as compensation to employees).