2018 results

In 2018 EVRAZ approved and began to implement projects from the Roadmap for Supply Chain Management 2018–2020. The range of projects and initiatives is aimed at optimising various supply chain processes. In 2018 the Group made significant progress towards realising Roadmap projects in the main priority areas (see figure on the right).

In order to contribute to the economic development of the regions where we operate we endeavour to give priority to local suppliers of goods and services. Thus in the reporting year the share of local suppliers in the procurement of the Siberia region of Steel segment was 68%.

In order to facilitate honest and mutually beneficial relationships with local suppliers, EVRAZ enters into long-term contracts with them. In 2018 in the Urals region of Steel segment the share of total expenditure on local suppliers with long-term contracts was over 62%.

EVRAZ priority areas in the development of supply chain management
Number of local suppliers with long-term inventory contracts, 2018
Number of local inventory suppliers in EVRAZ supply chain, 2018