Goals for 2019 and midterm period

EVRAZ will continue to work on enhancing the quality of procurement processes, as well as on integrating sustainability aspects into supply chain management.

In 2019 the development of the Suppliers Quality Management Programme, including automated solutions, is planned. The programme will also cover compliance assessments of suppliers against sustainability principles, including environmental, health and safety, and business ethics aspects. In addition, in 2019 a supplier performance management project will be launched, which will further boost overall procurement quality.

Supply processes assessment, both at Management Company and segment level, are planned for 2019. An external evaluator will assess the current state of the supply chain, including internal documents, and initiatives planned under the Roadmap will also be analysed. Based on the results of the analysis further areas for development will be identified.

The Group will continue to implement activities according to Roadmap priority areas, and taking into account the results of external assessments, with a focus on the further development of category strategies and the automation of procurement processes.