Health and Safety management

Key events

  • Setting up the HSE management committee, consisting of all CEO-1 level executives, which review HSE issues on a monthly basis
  • Reviewing the Health, Safety, and Environment Policy
  • Revising Cardinal safety rules, adding new ones on transport safety and moving equipment
  • The continuous integration of contractors into the EVRAZ HSE management system
  • Improving the corporate safety behaviour of employees and contractors through a comprehensive training system, risk assessment, and related events
  • Developing transport safety and emergency response programmes


Occupational health and safety (OHS) forms a core part of EVRAZ sustainability activities and long-term success. The strategic goal of the Group is to achieve a zero occupational injury rate by constantly making improvements to the health and safety management system. EVRAZ approach consists of compliance with OHS legislation norms, integrating best practices, and controlling key risk factors, in addition to promoting safe behaviour among employees and contractors.

EVRAZ holds a certificate of compliance with international standards for occupational health and safety: the major metallurgical companies of the group are certified under OHSAS 18001:2007. In addition, EVRAZ entities completed the pre-registration and registration procedures of chemical products in accordance with REACH regulation that promotes human health and the environment goals. REACH compliance eliminate possible regulation risks for our supplies in the European Economic Area.

In 2018 the Health and Safety Directorate revised the Cardinal safety rules of EVRAZ, which are mandatory for all that work at or visit the Group’s operations. Two new rules related to transport safety and moving equipment were added to the existing six.

EVRAZ Cardinal safety rules
It is forbidden to be on the territory of companies in a state of alcoholic and/or narcotic intoxication.
It is forbidden to override protective interlock equipment or security systems without prior authorisation.
It is forbidden to conceal or distort the circumstances of an HSE incident.
When working at heights, it is forbidden not to use safety systems for work at height included in the work permit, as well as personal protective equipment against falls
It is forbidden to not use a seat belt in personal transport on the territory of companies and in motor vehicles of the employer.
It is forbidden to smoke and/or use open fires in coal mines or other areas where explosive hazards are present.
It is forbidden to use explosive materials for purposes other than those specified in the Permit-to-Work, or to not return the remnants of explosive materials to the warehouse after blasting operations, or to change the design of a detonator.
It is prohibited to use machines and equipment not intended for such purposes to transport people.